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[fic] Our Green Eyes [16 Oct 2007|09:28pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Hmm...Seems that this comm is kinda dead. Anyone here? Oh well XD

Well, I just want to say hi to everyone **waves** And so my hello post won't be so short and empty, I come bearing a fic! Hope you guys enjoy ^^

Title: Our Green Eyes
Genre: angst / romance
Rating: T
Comments: On a lighter note; this fic sprung from my recently renewed obsession after rereading my YnM scanlations. I noticed how many Hisoka x Hijiri moments there are (seven when I counted) and I thought about how they both go nuts over Tsuzuki. And how much they angst over him. And how cute they look together. I dedicate this to my lovely emerald-eyed tees. Happy angsting ^^
Summary: It's their love for one person that brought them together though their growing love for one another is what keeps them together. But they deny it. Because they can't possibly replace 'him'. Right? (Random mentions of Tsuzuki)
Status: complete

Our Green EyesCollapse )

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New comer! [04 Mar 2005|12:57am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello, Ryou here. ^_^ I'm so happy to see a community for these two! Been a fan of this couple forever and a day! I love it. So I decided to make an icon to share with all of you. Enjoy, and I hope to farther post more:

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[28 Nov 2004|01:07pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey everyone.

Right now, I'm trying to create two CYOA's, one from Hijiri's point of view, and one from Hisoka's point of view... >> I love CYOA's so much! XD Ok, back to my point. I just wanted to know if anyone would be willing to help me. And I need a few ideas. For those who don't know what CYOA is, it's 'choose your own adventure'. They're real fun. And if I can actually finish them, I won't hesitate to have them up somewhere for everyone's enjoyment. ^^;;

Making one of these are a bit difficult on my part. XP

They also take quite some time to make, sooo.... yeah. T_T

That's all for me right now. Ja ne, minna. ^_^

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change in address... [22 Nov 2004|07:30pm]

Hello again everyone!

I've changed the url of my hisoka x hijiri website. It's now:


Feel free to submit stuff!
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Hello! [10 Nov 2004|09:43pm]

Hello, everybody!

I just created a livejournal (so now I can join all those great lj communities out there!), and I just wanted to let you all know that I'm the owner of the site foreamentioned, and I would absolutely love it if any one of you could submit a fanfic or some fanart or whatever. It'd be great if you could toss up some ideas of what you want to have on a hijiri x hisoka site, too, because I'm at a loss.

Thanks a lot,

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Website [08 Nov 2004|11:44am]

Today, Hikage sent me an e-mail about the opening of her new Hijiri/Hisoka site. Since she doesn't have a LJ, I'd thought I'd give a shoutout for her.


It's pretty new, and I'm sure she could use some submissions. *Hint hint and pokes random people* ~_^
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[15 Jul 2004|04:14pm]

[ mood | Suncrispy ]

Hi all!!!  I am new here, and I made this LJ icon a while ago when I was bored and first introduced to the Yami fandom. :)


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[15 May 2004|04:15pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Anything Yami no Matsuei related: I guess I could show you guys the banners I made. ^^;;



I know, they're not all that spiffy... But hey, I just got photoshop yesterday and I'm still learning how it works. Gimme a break... ~_~

Now If I could find a HijirixHisoka picture, I could see if I could make a "Support HxH" banners. :3
Now if anyone has links to some, that could be good... Consideirng I suck at finding pics. x.x

Hello again, fellow fans. :3 *wave*
Nice to see you? ?_?

...ok, I'll leave you guys alone now.
*looks around, hides in corner*

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*peers* [04 May 2004|12:24pm]

'lo there, folks. First off, lurve the pairing to death. ^^

Second, I'm dedicating my fanfiction journal to Hijiri and I need icons. Hijiri alone, Hijiri and 'soka. Please help? *claps hands together and bows*

Mod, feel free to delete this post.
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Hiya! [25 Mar 2004|06:44pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Crazy newbie,I loves HisokaxHijiri,even though I luffs TsuzukixHisoka...

Hell! I love TsuzukixHisokaXHijiri!


Tried doing a HisokaxHijiri fanart yesterday,whenever I get a scanner,I'll show everybody.;)

,,If not lazy:/

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Yo. ^_^ [23 Mar 2004|04:21pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

*waves* It's Sakura here.
Am new here. Well, actually, I've been watching this community for a while now. Have decided to make my presence known.

Thought I was the only one who liked the idea of Hisoka paired up with Hi-chan. ^^
Guess I'm not alone, ne? :P

Power to Hijiri x Hisoka. *waves HijirixHisoka banners* ^_^
Just as good as Tsuzuki x Hisoka.

Spike: *pulls out match, tosses it at banner* ...-_-

Me: Eeek! O_O *throws burning banner away* .... *glares at Spike* >>;

Spike: ....*slightly steps back* o_o;

Squall: *rolls eyes* Fangirls will be fangirls... -__-

Sanzo: That's about it.. *nods in agreement*

Me: Grr.... *vein, pulls out her bat of doom*

muses: ....O__O *back away as far as possible*

Me: Must go, fellow fans... Muses need scolding. *starts going after them, chases them out*

Hijiri: *was napping, but woke up at the sound of bishies screaming and a bat swinging* Ahre? *looks around* ...*finds them gone* Am I left behind... again?!
...And of all communities to be lost in too.. o_O! *looks around warily for fangirls*

(Ne, maybe you guys wanna have some fun with Hi-chan before I "notice" I left him behind.... XD
Feel free to.... I dunno... Do what you please if your a Hijiri fan. :3
And I apoligize for the long entry... I think this had to be LJ-cutted... but I didn't think it was that long...
Well, will return soon. Ja ne. ^^)

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[23 Mar 2004|11:35am]

[ mood | weird ]

Whoa-ho-ho!! X3 Hijiri/Hisoka community!! *___* I've been waiting!! X)~~ I shall come here and ask everyone a question:



...... Who would be the uke and seme between Hijiri and Hisoka? *____*...

I personally think that Hisoka would be the uke--though I don't know why o___o

Well that's all for now! X)!!

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[10 Mar 2004|09:48pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Yay! I'm so happy there's a community for this pairing. It's just so... cute! =^.^= I shall (hopefully) post again when I'm not so hyper. ^^;

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Konnichiwa! [10 Mar 2004|03:52pm]

Oh boy! A Hijiri/Hisoka community! XDDD So happy to finally know that there's actually some place to congregate all the H/H fans together! >__< I quite like the coupling because it's always Tsuzuki/Hisoka or Tsuzuki/Hijiri and never Hijiri/Hisoka. *sticks out tongue* But anyway, glad to be a part of this! XDDD
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Howdy!!! [09 Mar 2004|06:45pm]

Wow! Am I ever glad to see this community!!! For some reason Hijiri is the only person I like to see Hisoka paired with. Not sure why- everyone else in Yami is so grown up and mature (yes... even Tsuzuki... once he gets past turning into a puppydog and is serious, he's very mature and... just... old...) I just think Hisoka needs someone closer to his own age... plus the sightseeing thing in the anime was cute.
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Joining ^_^ [09 Mar 2004|07:18am]

[ mood | happy ]

This is my second fav. pairing so I'm really happy that theres finally a community for Hi/Hi ^_^
I'll post more later I guess, not really sure what to say at the moment *lol*


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Naturellement... [08 Mar 2004|10:10pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

...I had to join. Hijiri and Hisoka together has always been a favorite of mine; I'm also extremely fond of Tsuzuki/Hisoka/Hijiri together as well. Come to think of it, we actually need a player for Minase Hijiri over at metalmagicmush -- I'm Hisoka and a friend is Tsuzuki. (The MUSH is still in the middle of building, but we already have people sceneing. It's a fun, if insane, group.)

I've been on the hunt for Hi/Hi fanfiction for a while, but I haven't really found any. Does anyone have any potential links?

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Wee! [09 Mar 2004|12:41am]

First post here! Setting up the community and all. Feel free to introduce yourselves. ~_^

And hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
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